Links Lundi

Here, have a bunch of grin-inducing photos to start off your week.  (Let’s just pretend #13 isn’t there.)

I have my issues with both Brienne’s character and “Game of Throne” as a whole, but I still enjoyed this piece calling for more realistic female action heroines.  Both Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez are in this year’s “Fast & Furious 6,” and those are two actresses whose make their characters’ badassery believable.  (In spite of myself, I’m actually kind of excited for that movie.  If you’ve seen “Fast Five,” you’ll understand why – if not, go watch “Fast Five.”)

Related: why women’s armor really shouldn’t be boob-shaped.

Winona offers up six “bikini body” truths.

Everybody should check out Gender Swap Theater, now taking submissions of your filmed gender-swapped scenes!

And finally, my new favorite thing on the entire Internet, courtesy of Animirus:


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