Links Lundi

Just discovered Echo/Sight, a beautiful blog dedicated to double-exposures.

“Assessing a circumstance as worthy of the toil is a discarded skill. Our culture doesn’t value safe boundaries like it should. We hold private disdain for the one who quit, the one who pulled out, drew a line in the sand, the one who said no more.” When is it the right time to walk away from something challenging?  (Guys, I think I have a new life goal, and it’s to be Jen Hatmaker.)

It stays light out until nearly 10pm and our temperatures are regularly in the high 70s, which must mean it’s summer and we’re going to have three straight months of unbearably gorgeous warm weather.  This calls for popsicles.  (This may also call for lowered expectations, but you know what?  I don’t want to hear it.  I demand sun.)

Speaking of summer, find yourself a rockin’ new swimsuit with the added bonus of being made in the US.

Is it a “crawfish” or a “crayfish?”  How do you pronounce “syrup?” See how you compare to the rest of your region in this sweet map.

This might be the coolest thing ever (via The Beheld): Headscarves and long tunics don’t stop Iranian women from practicing parkour. Not only is it more difficult to move freely in their clothing, but they could get in trouble for “copying a Western fad” or “practising sports outside designated facilities.”


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