Currently (June)

Current Book(s): Still chugging through “North & South” by Elizabeth Gaskell; started re-reading “The Sun Also Rises” and finally cracked open “The Time In Between.”

Current Playlist: Been listening to more Mumford & Sons lately, along with Gungor, Jon Foreman, Janelle Monae, and All Sons & Daughters.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I’m playing a ridiculous amount of Mass Effect 3.  And a few weeks ago, we bought a Costo box of those “entertainment” cookies for a party that ended up not happening, so…we’re feasting on fancy cookies for no particular reason.

Current Color: Brown, I guess?  I have a comfy pair of brown linen capris that I’ve been wearing as lounge pants now that it’s warm (yaaaay), and I’ve been accenting a lot of my outfits with wood earrings and brown pearls, my little bronze-finish Big Ben pendant, and faux-topaz stuff.

Current Drink: Angry Orchard cider and all my new tea from David’s Tea.  Cranberry-pear blackPeach/pineapple with bamboo! (BAMBOO! What kind of craziness is that?)

Current Food: Our garden has grown enough to let us add some homegrown stuff to our meals!  We finally got to add fresh basil to the caprese pasta we make all the time, and while we don’t have enough lettuce for full salads, we can at least supplement with it.  (Fingers crossed that the aphids stay out this year.)

Current Favorite Show: We’ve been watching a lot less TV now that it’s nice out because we eat dinner on the patio.  We’re making up for it by playing way too many video games, so it’s not exactly a win, but eating dinner while facing each other instead of the TV is nice.

Current Wishlist: Peace of mind?  I’m in kind of an existential funk regarding my work – more so than usual, anyway – and I’m trying to mitigate it by taking on more projects and using my free time better.

Current Needs: Uh…peace of mind.  And I should be drinking more water.

Current Triumphs: I’ve been running social media for our church for a while now, but I’ve always been held back by a fear of what other people will think of what I post.  Is my sense of humor going to offend someone?  Is someone going to throw scripture at me or call me a Pharisee or something?  But I’ve gotten over some of it in the last few weeks, which has led to more posting, which has led to more confidence.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: I may or may not actually be addicted to Mass Effect 3.  I do this with games sometimes, but it hasn’t really been this bad since I played Fallout 3 in college.  I haven’t locked myself away for marathon sessions or anything, and I’m still getting all of my chores and writing and dog-playing done, but the remainder of my free time is most definitely going to be spent on ME3.

Current Celebrity Crush: Does Garrus count?

Current Indulgence: Ice cream, fancy cookies, ME3

Current #1 Blessing: Sunshine! Warmth! Kevin! River! Meeting some awesomely geeky new neighbors!

Current Slang or Saying: Nothing in particular, although I have been talking in that stupid “ermahgerd” voice maybe more than I should.

Current Outfit: Olive maxi skirt, black tee.

Current Excitement: It’s sunny!  Our new neighbor is a geek who hosts retro game nights occasionally!  I’m kind of finally learning how to curl my hair!

Current Mood: It fluctuates.  As of filling this out: relaxed.  I think I had just enough coffee to wake me up.


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