Links Lundi

Via Smart Pretty & Awkward: 11 questions every twenty-something should be asking him/herself.

It turns out Elizabeth Banks has had a totally awesome, geeky, pro-body-image website this whole time, including a piece on the eight most badass heroines of recent years, Patrick Stewart’s feminism, and a guide to the best video games for beginners.

Emilie Aires writes a takedown of the “hot mess” phase that 20-something women are expected to go through: “What I thought was a charmingly discombobulated version of myself wasn’t doing me (or anyone) any favors.”

On July 3rd, “Star Wars” will return to theaters – dubbed in Navajo.  “Our daughter, she’ll be able to speak Navajo, she’ll understand who she is. And what more of a beautiful way to do that than put that in Star Wars?””

Via Yes & Yes: four wacky but effective time-management tips.

Jack Collins has made a nifty little study aid for “Fahrenheit 451” as part of his video series “tl;dr.” Check it out!


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