Links Lundi

So there’s this app called Lulu, which allows you to anonymously rate guys you know.  I find this kind of creepy and messed-up, and would not be at all okay with it if the genders were reversed.  Thoughts?

I didn’t really realize just how huge of a deal “Doctor Who’s” 50th anniversary special is going to be.  The trailer is on Youtube and…wow.  3D, in theaters, David Tennant, what more could a girl – wait, is that Rose?  Is Rose back?!  (You can turn off the 3D if you’re not the Tenth Doctor and don’t have your 3D glasses handy.)

Via Yes & Yes: cute marriage tattoos.  The worship leader at our church has a tattoo instead of a wedding band, and the concept is growing on me.  I like the idea of having something on the palm side of the ring finger.  Not sure if Kevin would be into it…

Texas Democratic senator Wendy Davis got through her 13-hour filibuster wearing these sneakers, and reviewers have made sure the world knows it: “If you are looking for a shoe that will never yield to the floor, pressure or good ol’ fashioned boy’s club bullying this is the shoe for you. It has been tested for hours, opportunities to yield to oppression were presented yet this shoe stayed firmly in place holding up half the sky for 13 hours.”

The first raspberries of the season are extra special this year at Tea & Cookies.


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