Links Lundi

A while ago, I heard a snippet of an NPR story about Beatrice Mtetwa, a human rights lawyer from Zimbabwe.  Turns out she is the subject of a documentary about her quest to use the law to defend opponents of Mugabe.

Biddy the traveling hedgehog adventures, is adorable.  May have thought of the Redwalls books a few times, looking through those photos…

Also adorable: little girls in superhero costumes, plus how they’d look in a comic!

“Biblical modesty is about valuing a person as much more than a body, but…legalism combined with the shame and manipulation used to get women to cover up is really just telling us that our hearts don’t matter, our bodies do.”

So, this is awesome: science fiction author John Scalzi has refused to attend conventions that don’t have a clear sexual harassment policy.  Off to read everything Scalzi has written now.


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