Dog Reviews Dog Toys

We added River to the family nearly four months ago.  It took her a while, but she finally learned how toys work!  Here’s a write-up of some of her favorites.

Rawhide:  The People get all upset when I’m chewing on these because I make my gums bleed sometimes.  It kinda hurts, I guess, but they’re so delicious!  They’re so tasty that I ate the whole thing one day while the People were gone.  They didn’t like that for some reason.  8/10, would devour again if left unattended.

Rope toys: The People keep trying to “tug-o’-war” with me, but I don’t get it.  They could change their minds and try to take the toy from me, and that would piss me off.  And the rope doesn’t taste like meat, so why would I want to chew on it? 2/10, not interested, unless I’m really riled up and it’s the only thing around.

Squeaky football: I’d like it more if we didn’t have to go in the backyard to use it.  The backyard is scary! N/A, can’t form an opinion, too terrified of backyard.

Squeaky fleece: Yeah, it has a squeaker in it, and squeakers are pretty cool, but the fun part is destroying this.  I’ve already chewed open a few spots.  Better to chew on it than anxiously lick my paws all the time, right?  6/10, fun to tear apart.

Squeaky bouncy ball: IT’S THE BEST.  It bounces and it’s squeaky and it bounces and it’s squeaky and oh man I want it.  The People got upset because I kept chewing off the fuzzy coating, but I didn’t eat too much of it.  Probably. 10/10, best toy ever.

Kong: I guess this one is supposed to be chewed on, but in my opinion, its only purpose is to dispense peanut butter.  10/10 if filled with peanut butter, 0/10 otherwise.riverishappy


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