Links Lundi

An update on the agreement clothing manufacturers have made to improve safety conditions in overseas factories.

A nifty thing for writers: which famous writer do you write most like? (How many times can I use “write” in one sentence?)  I got Anne Rice when I tested my YA mythology book, then Harry Harrison and James Joyce from two different sections of a science fiction project.

I didn’t see “Dirty Dancing” until two years ago (I know), and after hearing it described as “the ultimate chick flick” for so many years, I was shocked to find out how serious and thought-provoking it really was.  XOJane explains why.

The nerdy engagement photo shoot to end all nerdy engagement photo shoots.

Much as I hate to cite anything related to The Daily Mail: a new study determines that female gamers spend just as much time and money on gaming as male gamers. Surprise?


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