a summer wish list

Summer is halfway through and we’re in another hot spell.  I’ve been taking the perfect-weather days for granted, something I thought I’d never do, but when the sunny days finally outnumber the rainy ones, and when that beautiful breeze is blowing in the evenings, it’s easy to get lulled into thinking it can last forever.

In just a few weeks, though, we’ll be facing rain again and trying to remember what it felt like when it was 92 outside.  We’ll be walking the dog with hoods and sweatpants and discussing getting the slow-cooker out.

In the meantime, it’s still summer, and I still have things I want to do.  Most of them actually involve doing nothing, but “nothing” is even more enjoyable in the sunshine.

  • days at the beach spent doing nothing but reading
  • fish & chips, preferably at the beach, but a pub would be acceptable
  • picking our home-grown basil and tomatoes, then making something delicious with them


  • spontaneous worship circles
  • BBQs and backyard fires
  • day trips to Hood River to pick fruit


  • fair food and people-watching at Portland’s Saturday Market
  • splurging on ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • hikes with River


  • eating everything with berries
  • dinners on the patio
  • coffee with friends

dutch bros


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