Links Lundi

This is the most interesting piece on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl I’ve read in a while: “I chose…to be a person who writes her own stories, rather than a story that happens to other people.”

While I was looking for an image for a Tuesday Quote, I came across an old photo titled “A Tea Hike.” Naturally, my mind was blown, because I would happily hike a long and uncomfortable way if it meant sitting down to high tea afterwards – and sure enough, a high-tea hike is a thing, and I want to do it.

The white privilege quiz, for the next time someone tries to tell you it doesn’t exist.

This is kind of crazy: “The Cuckoo’s Calling” by Robert Galbraith hasn’t sold many copies, but it’s gotten excellent reviews.  Turns out Robert Galbraith is none other than JK Rowling, whose newest book published under her own name, “The Casual Vacancy,” didn’t live up to expectations.

Mia at Reading With Skirts led me to discover this site, which hosts articles discussion sociological imagery, and it is bursting with thought-provoking pieces on gender roles, sexism, depictions of race, and more.  How did Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance illustrate the difference between sex appeal and sexual objectification? What do you call reduced-fat Monterey Jack cheese? (“Monterey Jill,” apparently, because we women just wanna lose weight!)  Why do Japanese draw themselves as white people in anime? (They don’t.)


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