you built me dreams instead


Last weekend, I:

finally visited a new town on the Oregon coast

– beachcombed

– learned a new board game

– ate fresh-caught fish during Dory Days

– scored an amazing jewelry box at an antique store:


It’s enormous. It’s basically a treasure chest.

– carried said jewelry box past a parade full of pirates and gigantic inflatable crabs

– finished a book (it was just OK)

– chased an empty Diet Coke can down the beach because I just love the environment that much

– had a mimosa made with cranberry juice instead of orange juice and discovered my new favorite drink

– did not get sunburned!


My family has vacationed on the Oregon coast pretty much every year of my life, but this was the first time I’d gone with a group of friends.  It was fairly last-minute, considering how early beach rentals usually need to be booked, but we pulled it off and it was a really great weekend.  It was summer in a nutshell: beautiful weather, mostly spontaneous, equal parts rowdiness and relaxation.

The only thing we missed out on was a beach fire, but it was so dang windy we couldn’t even attempt it.  But there will be other beach visits, in other towns, with other friends, and maybe those will include fires.


2 thoughts on “you built me dreams instead

    • Yeah! We will plan better next time and make everyone, like, sign a contract that they’ll definitely come along.

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