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Male characters rarely fit in the “strong character” box, so why do we consider it the highest honor for a female character to be considered “strong?”

Speaking of strong characters: “Pacific Rim” inspired a new Bechdel Test, dubbed the Mako Mori Test.  It works if the movie has:

a) at least one female character;
b) who gets her own narrative arc;
c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.

It’s interesting to think about which movies would pass this test, but fail the Bechdel, and vice versa.  The movie mentions “Avengers” for Black Widow’s storyline; I’d also add “The Wolverine,” because even though Mariko needs to get rescued every other scene, most of the story concerns her taking on her grandfather’s company, and I’d say she drives the plot more than Wolverine does.

I love this for so many reasons: Art is useless, so let’s put it everywhere.

Ashton Kutcher gives surprisingly good advice, makes me eat my words since I’ve never been a fan of his.

Nadine shares her story of going back to her natural hair and how it influenced her perception of her own beauty.

Also from Already Pretty, reverse photoshopping makes unhealthy thinness look better. Yikes.

In honor of PAX next week: There’s no sexism in gaming. “To anyone getting their boxers in a bunch over this, I say: buy the games with the male protagonists. There are at least four of them.”

New Picture (9)

A preview of my PAX costume!


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