Autumn Is Coming…

Mid-August always stirs up feelings of dread.  Back in the good old days, it was because August meant summer was ending and I’d have to go back to school soon.  Nowadays, it’s because summer is ending and the clouds are coming back.

I like rain and growing things and that wet-ground smell you get when it rains for the first time in weeks. (Fun fact, the fancy word for that is “petrichor.”)  I don’t like uninterrupted months of clouds, dark mornings, and wet pants hems.  As the calendar ticks closer to September, I keep hunching over, like I’m huddling under a blanket, and hearing Ned Stark grumbling “winter autumn is coming.”

So, to prep myself for the onslaught of cold, dark, miserable rain (woe), I’m going to pull a Pollyanna and list the things I’m actually looking forward to about autumn.

1. Tea! I’ve been drinking very little tea besides my morning English breakfast because it’s just too darn hot for anything else.  Once it gets colder, it’ll be tea all the time. And if/when I get sick, oh man, so much tea.

2. Blankets. Blankets during movies, blankets while gaming, blankets while writing…I’ve had to use a throw maybe twice this summer and I kind of miss getting to wrap up in a blanket.  Except when I have to get up for more tea.  That’s chilly and inconvenient.

3. Boots. When skinny jeans first entered our world, I hated them and wanted them to go away.  Then I decided they would look okay if paired with high-heeled boots.  Then I realized that the boots+jeans combination is basically what I’d wear if I was a superhero, and now, if I style them right, I feel like a boss.  I kind of want to get another pair of black boots this year…DSW already has some really cool ones.

4. Slow-cooker meals. They’re easy, but they’re hot, so we haven’t been making many of them this summer. Same with soup & sandwiches, my default lazy dinner. I can’t even think about eating soup in the summer, but now I can look forward to tomato, tortilla, chicken noodle, even ramen.  Well, maybe not the ramen.  But aw yeah, tortilla soup!

5. Scarves.  I’ve really missed the style opportunities of scarves, but even thinking about wearing one in summer makes me sweaty.

What, if anything, are you looking forward to about fall?


4 thoughts on “Autumn Is Coming…

  1. I’m looking forward to rain so much, but we obviously don’t get nearly as much of it here as y’all do in Rainsylvania up there, so. I know I’ll get sick of cooler weather pretty quickly, but I AM looking forward to scarves and sweaters and boots (especially if I can get a pair of Steve Madden Troopas–gotta try them on first to make sure they pass the comfort test, but they’re so rad) and SOUP SOUP SOUP. Mike doesn’t even like soup, which is bizarre to me, but he’s going to have to put up with it for the sixth winter in a row because SOUUUUP.

    • The rain will be nice for like…three days, and then I’ll be sick of it. It’s actually been raining at night now, which is nice because the plants need it, but man does it get muggy. We’re not used to muggy up here and it’s not pleasant. I think I still prefer it to cold + wet, though.

      Also, how do you not like soup?! There’s like a million varieties of soup!

  2. I’m the same way – the dark months REALLY get me! I’ve been trying to think of activities that are fun to do on dreary days, and save them up so I’ll have something to look forward to.

    • Ooh, I should come up with some projects, too. We’ve been meaning to make a few things for the house, so this should be a good time to get those done!

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