Links Lundi

Game On Girl uses the logic of creators’ intent versus consumer perception to justify her continued support of PAX: “I take the event as a separate thing from its founders.”

Emmelinep has a similar view, also looking at the amount of good Penny Arcade as an organization has done both through PAX and Child’s Play.  The PAX Cookie Brigade raised over $22,300 for the charity, and that amount alone makes PAX worthwhile.  (PAX East’s Cookie Brigade raised nearly $18,000 in March, too.)

How segregated is your city?  These color-coded maps challenge the notion that America is more integrated.

At age 64, after five attempts, Diana Nyad became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida. Awesome.

13 indie sci-fi/fantasy films you should see.  Apparently “Primer” is on Netflix Instant, which is fantastic news and please excuse me while I go finally watch it.


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