The Post I Shouldn’t Be Writing

I have tendonitis. Both wrists. I have two wrist braces, a bottle of prescription-strength ibuprofen, and orders to type as little as possible.

Ha. Sure. No problem.

I’m a writer.  I’m a gamer.  Neither of those are going to apply to me for the next few weeks.  I can barely do chores.  Inane but important stuff like brushing my teeth, holding a book, opening jars, and petting the dog cause pain.  I feel utterly useless.

Things I can do:

  • use the exercise bike
  • re-learn Japanese online (except for the written stuff)
  • watch educational movies/documentaries
  • listen to audio Bible

I can still be productive, but not nearly as productive as I’d like.  The Bible teaches us that our worth is through Christ, not in what we do, but it’s hard to believe in that when it actually gets put to the test.  It’s hard to not feel like a burden.

My doctor said to come back if it’s not better in a couple weeks.  I’ll be insane in a couple of weeks.

I’d appreciate two things from y’all: prayers for quick healing, and recommendations for cool stuff to watch on Netflix.


6 thoughts on “The Post I Shouldn’t Be Writing

  1. Awww girl, I’m very sorry. That sucks. But hey! You can like, call everybody on the phone and catch up with people you’ve been wanting to catch up on. Maybe you can teach yourself how to knit with your feet?
    Jokes aside, that’s rough and I’m sorry. Did the doctor give you any exercises to do? The prescription strength advil is the BEST though. It freaked me out a little bit to be on it, but it made such a difference in my pain levels. It’s sooo good for swelling.

    Can you drive ok? If you come over tonight I will load you up with some books and also we could watch a movie together or something ❤ My only other plans are to clean so you are welcome to come hang out!

    • I have considered trying to type with my feet! But that would be gross and possibly end in ankle tendonitis, given my luck so far.

      Tonight is actually date night but thank you! ❤

  2. That stinks! I threw my back out earlier this summer, and could do basically … well, nothing. For a little over two weeks. It was frustrating!

    I did find Continuum on Netflix (Canadian sci-fi) during that period, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I am currently obsessed with original Star Trek, also on Netflix, alternating with episodes of The West Wing.

    Speedy healing. Don’t overdo it!

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