Links Lundi

A four-year-old girl wanted to dress as both Thor and Cinderella for her birthday party.  Solution: Princess Thorella.

Meyers-Briggs results as demonstrated by Harry Potter characters.

So this is awesome: once upon a time, the PS Vita came out with the game called “Assassin’s Creed Liberation,” featuring the franchise’s first female main character.  It was so popular that they’ve come out with an expanded version of the game for PS3, Xbox, and PC!

Life lessons from young literary heroines.

Three fashion items to make you look put together. I would add lipstick, especially in an eye-catching color, because whenever I’m wearing a different lipstick, it looks like I put in more effort than I really did!

What would Star Wars look like if it was played out as a tabletop RPG by people who knew nothing about Star Wars?  This comic goes through all six films and it’s my new favorite nerd thing.


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. I will agree that dresses always make it look like I’ve tried WAY harder to look good that day. And they are actually easier, being all one piece. I am lazy when it comes to fashion, but I like it to look like I tried when I haven’t really.

    • Yeah, it always confuses me a little when people compliment me on a day dress. I pulled it over my head – done! But it does help me impress people much more easily. 😉

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