Links Lundi

Good new, everyone (in the USA)! You can pre-order the “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special and get it December 10th, less than three weeks after its international airing! Dang, I am running out of time to catch up on Season 7…

Also, introducing the official Tenth Doctor coat for ladies!

Sif as Wonder Woman. AWESOME.

George H. W. Bush acted as a witness at his friends’ same-sex marriage. It’s a sweet gesture, if nothing else.

Delusions of Anthropologie. Sounds about right.

It’s nearly October, which means it’s time for me to start scouting the worst women’s Halloween costumes America has to offer.  My favorites so far, from a flyer in the mail: Sexy V for Vendetta and the “Cheeky Cherokee.”  What’s that?  You’re a woman and you want to be Darth Vader? TOO BAD, YOU GOTTA BE SEXY DARTH VADER.  (What is even up with that skullcap thing?)

Now please excuse me while I go spend too much time searching this graphic of (nearly) every starship ever for the SSV Normandy.  (Okay, the comments saved me from that particular search, but I’ll still be spending too much time on it.)


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