Smartwatches Are A Thing Now

I have to admit that when I first saw the ads for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, I was an instant convert.

I don’t really care how terrible this version is.  I know I would look dumb trying to have a lengthy conversation with my wrist.  I have no intention of every actually buying one – at least not this model.

But can we just talk for a moment about how completely awesome a smartwatch could be?

1) Unique apps could do everything from open your garage door to locate your keys.  Fitness fans can add a heart-rate monitor (the Gear already includes a pedometer).  A compass can aid geocaching.  A built-in laser (it has to have a built-in laser, come on) can point at things and irritate your friends.  Endless possibilities here, and not all of them even have to involve pretending to be a spy.  (They should, though, or else you’re missing out.)

2) Security could be downright fun by offering voice identification or a fingerprint scanner.  Bonus points if it can say “Welcome, Laura” in a JARVIS voice upon logging you in.

3) Walkie-talkie functionality for every imaginable situation.  Lost your party at the mall?  Trying to find your friends who got to the restaurant first?  Made the drop and need to alert your secret contact?  Just talk to the wrist.

4) Spy camera.  I mean, seriously, why else would this exist if not to take surreptitious photos?  Also to have a laser.

5) Fandom interface.  The ads already acknowledge that only shamelessly nostalgic geeks (or spy wannabes) are really going to be interested in owning a smartwatch.  Cater to them by offering themed nerdy interfaces, ranging from the aforementioned JARVIS to Dick Tracy or original Star Trek or MI6.

Regardless of how stupid I would look, if the prices drop and the functionality improves, I’m pretty interested in getting a smartwatch.  How about you?  What would you want it to do?


2 thoughts on “Smartwatches Are A Thing Now

  1. You had me with your insistence on a laser.

    BUT. I will never buy one. I seem to have a personal magnetic field that kills watches (and pedometers) and have never had one last very long, so I refuse to spend much on them.

    I really want a walky-talky laser bracelet thingy now, though.

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