Links Lundi

Time has a long but interesting piece on how the 20 women on the Senate helped end the shutdown.

Art student Colleen Clark took “write what you know” to heart and created a beautiful comic about a topic she struggled with often: body image. (NSFW.) Thanks, Katie!

Also from Katie, who I suspect is my new favorite source: last week, some MRA group thought it would be swell to put on a Fat-Shaming Week, which naturally inspired the rage and scorn of thousands on Twitter. My favorite:

“Maria Hill reached the very top of the male-dominated SHIELD organisation, Sif is a fully-fledged goddess of war, and Peggy Carter was a sharp-shooting, red lipstick-wearing female officer at the frontline of WW2. These aren’t the cardboard cut-out women of action movies gone by.”

I went antiquing with my mother-in-law last weekend and found a ton of fun stuff: a beautiful leaf-green silk scarf for $12, terrible and amazing Batgirl sunglasses, and a pile of pulp sci-fi from the 50s:


I only bought two, but I’m really looking forward to reading them!

In other reading news, the National Book Foundation’s Tumblr offers suggestions for wine pairings to go with the books longlisted for the 2013 National Book Award.

What do you think goes best with sci-fi pulp? A martini in a retro glass? Something bright green?


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