Currently: November

Oh look, I’m out of pre-scheduled content. Time for a meme!

Current Book(s): The Shadow of the Wind,” “Lirael,” and a beefy beautiful anthology of science fiction from around the world going back to the 30s, “The World Treasury of Science Fiction.”

Current Playlist: Rend Collective, Blackmill, dubstep, and the Mass Effect soundtracks, plus a sampling of folk/indie bands: Bronze Radio Return, Neulore, Lord Huron, Mother Mother…and stuff on Itunes Radio.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Having Kevin be my proxy for Mass Effect 2:
“We’re going to be BroShep this time right?”
“If by ‘be BroShep’ you mean ‘romance Garrus,’ then yes.”

Current Color: Spring green, especially in scarf form.

Current Drink: All the tea.

Current Food: Probably too much pasta.

Current Favorite Show: “West Wing.”  Recently there was a brief scene featuring both CJ and Nancy McNally and I spent the whole scene containing a high-pitched squee of admiration because those are the best two female characters on the show and definitely two of the best female characters on TV period and to have them have a conversation about US foreign policy was just…eeeesogood.

Current Wishlist: wrists that don’t hurt!

Current Needs: wrists that don’t hurt!

Current Triumphs: I made really tasty fish the other day, I finally completed “Mass Effect” after three attempts, and I have successfully wrangled three upcoming social events!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: tendonitis no why

Current Celebrity Crush: Since “Thor” just came out: Chris Hemsworth.

Current Indulgence: Blanket-wrapped movie or gaming sessions with a big mug of tea and River half in my lap.

Current #1 Blessing: Kevin is helpful and selfless and great.

Current Slang or Saying: “Whyyyyy.” Must be said with slumping shoulders, in reference to everything from the pain caused by holding a pan to the gray sad dark awful rainy skies.

Current Outfit: Jeans with belted cardigans or skinny jeans with tunic-dresses.  Scarves with everything!

Current Excitement: Going to the beach next summer with the ladiez!  Going to the simulcast of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode with different ladiez!  Planning a fun Friendsgiving!

Current Mood: Tired. Last week was weird.


3 thoughts on “Currently: November

  1. Glad you’re still getting through Mass Effect, even though you have to have Kevin play for you!
    Hopefully you continue recovering and then can eventually play it yourself! The cycle of pain will end eventually!! ❤

    • Thanks! They are doing better – I just have to remember to keep doing stretches, resting, etc, even though it’s really tempting now to rush back into my old routine.

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