Links Lundi

Got a couple National Geographic-y treats for you this week: beautifully colorized historical photographs and portraits of vanishing tribes. (Both NSFW, the historical ones less so. Stop at Charlie Chaplin if your workplace disapproves of Elizabeth Taylor in a bra.)

A second-generation Pakistani Muslim girl from Jersey City is the new Ms. Marvel! Comics Alliance has more artwork if you’re interested in seeing more of the cast.

(Related: tiny princess Thor, who has the greatest aunt of all time.)

(Also related, also via The Mary Sue: look at this Wonder Woman dress. LOOK AT IT.)

If you want to redesign your blog layout, paint a room, or just like color, check out Encycolorpedia!  You’ll also learn color names you’ve never heard of and what Volkswagen color best matches TARDIS blue.

Which “Star Wars” character matches your Meyers-Briggs score? Mine is C-3PO or Obi-Wan, since I tend to vacillate between ISFJ and INFJ.

Sally at Already Pretty reflects on a consult she did for a woman who preferred wearing sports bras: “[The clothes] were designed to work with a body that included breasts, but those breasts needed to be lifted, supported, high, and facing forward. No question. And when that expectation wasn’t met, the clothes failed to look their best. And so did my client.”


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