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A day in the life of an empowered female character: “Now she was wearing a pretty dress but combat boots underneath it, and she also had a gun, to fight sexism.”

By contrast:

National Geographic recruited a team of PhD-holding, spelunking paleontologists – who all happen to be women – to retrieve prehistoric bones from a cave in South Africa. AWESOME. (And apparently they’re all size 0, because one of the requirements for the job was being able to fit into 18-cm spaces. That’s 7 inches! Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it!)

The first women have graduated from Marines infantry training. Yay! Meanwhile, the Army is concerned that the women in its advertising need to look more “average.” Boo!

The first female Marines!

The Beheld has a great interview with Kate Fridkis of “Eat The Damn Cake” about her new book addressing her pregnancy and evolving body image, “Growing Eden.”

Om nom, breakfast around the world!

This article generated some discussion on Facebook: it argues that the “Hunger Games” movies – and all forthcoming female-led franchises – owe their success to “Twilight.” What do you think?

Hey, are you on Goodreads? Let’s be friends!

Tauriel refuses to get into ‘butt pose’ on ‘Hobbit’ poster, makes Legolas do it instead.” Glorious.

Speaking of nerdy things, who all saw “The Day of the Doctor” yesterday? What did you think?? I got sweet TARDIS knee socks and an awesome commemorative mug, which is already more than enough to make me happy.



2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Juli and I went to see it in 3D at the theater on Monday. The effect was well done, and there were lots of great little extras bookending the show.

    After the picture the painted by the preview “Night of the Doctor,” I was looking forward to a complex, morally murky scenario that even the Doctor couldn’t fix. It was okay that the Doctor comes up with an impossible solution (because that’s what he does), but I was disappointed that it was framed as, “Save the children, kill the Daleks.” The idea that the Time Lords are now basically evil too is rich with narrative opportunity, and I wish they had done more with it.

    The rest was brilliant, though. Fantastic!

    • Okay, here’s my problem now that I’ve had a couple days to think about it: doesn’t the plot of DotD completely go against what was going on with the Doctor and the Master during the last few David Tennant episodes? I’ve only seen them once and maybe I’m not remembering right, but I thought in those episodes, the Doctor admitted that he hadn’t actually killed them, just trapped them and the rest of the Time War in an unchanging bubble. It still sucked, but it wasn’t genocide. And Timothy Dalton found a way out via the Master, returned to Earth, Tennant sent them back, etc etc. So I thought it was pretty well established that the Doctor had *not* killed all the children, and for all intents and purposes he WAS the last Time Lord, because all the rest were evil, driven mad by the war.

      But now I guess Gallifrey is happy and free somewhere, and Eleven/Twelve have to go find it?

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