Top Ten Tuesday: Gratitude

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

Happy week-of-Thanksgiving!  This week, we’re sharing things we’re thankful for.

1. My wrists are feeling better!  I still can’t go completely back to my old habits, which is probably for the better in many ways, but I’m definitely making progress.

2. I’m having my first “friendsgiving” this year. It’ll be weird to not be with family, but I’m looking forward to eating a whole lot of food with our friends. We’re going to potluck and we may also watch “Sharknado” after dinner. What are the holidays for, right?

3. Kevin. He’s great. He compliments everything I cook, he’s kind and supportive to both me and our friends, and we can talk about everything from the ethics of private security companies to theology to the finer points of Star Wars canon. And he looks great in a suit.

4. River has made incredible progress over the last eight months and she makes our lives so much more fun.  Kevin is officially the favorite now, but I’m okay with that because he grew up with dogs and wanted to get one for a long time.

5. My mom continues to be loving and supportive and full of advice, even though we’re at that weird point when sometimes I’m the one who’s supposed to give advice.  That’s weird.

6. Our Vancouver friends are awesome.  I’ve bonded with them over geekery and fandoms both old (Star Wars, Doctor Who) and new (tabletop games, Steam, Mass Effect).

7. My older friends are awesome. Recent email conversations have included a “West Wing”/”Lion King” crossover, under what circumstances you can charge people to attend the Thanksgiving dinner you’re hosting, and a guy who tried to smuggle hummingbirds in the front of his pants.

8. We have a super-awesome house.

9. We live in a beautiful part of the country.  My friend moved here from east Texas, and at one point she told me that the area she grew up in was ugly.  I didn’t really believe her, thinking she was exaggerating and no natural area of the world is really ugly, but then we actually went to that part of Texas for her wedding, and…yeah, it’s not very pretty.  We came home to changing leaves, snow in the mountains, and cold clear autumn skies – things I’d been taking for granted.  Even though 6 of 7 days are cloudy and gray now, I try to find the beautiful details that set the Northwest apart.

10. You guys! Thank you for reading and commenting! It warms my winter-chilled heart.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Gratitude

  1. I should think about this for a minute since I’ve been kind of grumpy all day.

    I get to VISIT a beautiful part of the country for Christmas (I’ll say hi as I’m flying over Oregon to Washington!), I have lots of tasty food options for dinner tonight, and great internet friends who are funny and amazing. HOORAY FOR GOOD THINGS

  2. Sharknado!!!!

    I haven’t seen it, but that’s because my friend for watching those kind of movies is many miles and many states away. And it’s not as much fun without her.

    I’ve been doing Thanksgiving with friends since I left home for grad school, as I’ve never lived close enough to visit family for a long weekend since then. It’s always pretty fantastic. Hope it’s great for you.

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