Links Lundi

18 things everyone should start making time for again. I am a fan of #5 and #17.  Also #9, but only if someone else does the cooking, because this multi-course stuff scares me.

10 creative habits to steal.

American Eagle’s Aerie has promised to stop airbrushing its models! Which is cool, I guess? The accompanying image of beautiful thin girls with big boobs and some vague shape to their tummies in a few places doesn’t really fill me with confidence, but we’ll see how they do.

These film-noir style “Star Wars” movie posters absolutely made my day. Thanks, Brittneigh!

My friend Jessica has started a tumblr for her beautiful art!

16 books to read before their movies come out this year.

A guy fresh out of school bought a ruined Detroit house for $500 and put some effort into helping restore his neighborhood, and hopefully by extension his city.

I haven’t seen “Almost Human,” but I’ve heard pretty good things, and now Gina Carano is going to guest-star!


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