Links Lundi

Marvel Comics aims to introduce more awesome female characters, starting with the new Ms. Marvel and continuing with more She-Hulk, Elektra, and Black Widow.

Speaking of awesome female characters, there’s a lady Transformer now, and the author of her new comics series has plenty to say about fitting her into the canon and her other female Transformer companions, including Arcee.  Plus there’s this awesome comic which pretty much sums up every instance of female inclusion ever:

They’re making a miniseries about infamous Chinese pirate Ching Shih, a former prostitute who became essentially a pirate queen, taking down pretty much every naval force that came after her until she retired at age 35. And Maggie Q is starring. Awesome!

Already Pretty complied a handy list of go-to stores for clothing basics, all reasonably-priced, good-quality items!

Disney X D is going to be home to the first Star Wars project to revisit the Original Trilogy era: “Star Wars Rebels.” I’m…conflicted. On the one hand, they seem to be paying great attention to the series’ roots, using concepts by Ralph McQuarrie and using the feel of the OT as opposed to the newer movies.  On the other hand, they’re shoehorning in a new villain, and I still don’t trust Disney with Star Wars, not after all the spinoff films they’re proposing.  Even though Disney XD is home to darker kids’ shows like “TRON: Uprising,” and even though I came to love “The Clone Wars” and its creator is co-producer of “Rebels”…I’m scared, you guys.  I fear change.


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