Links Lundi

First of all, let’s have more ads like this one, okay?

5 superheroes who should have gotten movies before Ant-Man. I love their ideas for Rescue and Armor.

The one and only time I went to a comics shop, there was a woman behind the desk and she was super awesome. I was definitely experiencing something more like this and I’m annoyed that Ms. Stevenson, comics writer, had to experience it. And I’m even more annoyed that gauging from the reactions, we will probably continue to experience that kind of BS treatment as women trying to buy comics.

Mattel responds to declining Barbie sales and continuous body-image-related criticism by…putting her on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue?  I’m not sure if that says worse things about the magazine or the doll.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” has attracted plenty of controversy, but it also inspired Getty Images to commission the “Lean In Collection,” featuring 2,500 photos of real, diverse women and girls in relatable but inspiring work/life situations. “‘The most important thing for us is that you felt like the woman had agency, not like the image was happening to her, but she was the protagonist of her own story— they all should feel like the hero of their image,’ Grossman said.” (EDIT: The Mary Sue has words on how this project is well-intentioned but problematic.)


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