Top 10 Reactions to My Pixie Cut

So hey, I chopped off my hair.


After six or so years of contemplating a pixie cut, I finally had it done on the 11th, and I feel awesome.  I have more time for important things like breakfast and makeup. Showers take 75% less time, which means my haircut is also saving water and by extension, the environment!

Plus, since the short hair draws more attention, there isn’t much point in being self-conscious about what I’m wearing.  I’m doing bolder eye makeup and brighter lipstick (I even got a lip tar in Role Play, guys). I got earrings that are arrows.  I’m waiting for it to get warmer, if only so I can wear my moto jacket all the time. I feel confident, powerful, sexier (?!), and basically like a superhero. Or at least like P!nk, which is basically the same feeling.

Other people took some convincing.

1. *long stare* “It’s cute!” (This was the most common reaction for the first day or so.)

2. “Felicia Day solidarity, right? Nice.”

3. “I’m just trying to figure out why you did it. Are you having a kid?”

4. “LAURA. I LOVE. Your HAIR.”

5. “Holy cow, what happened to your hair? Awesome!”

6. “Well, you can pull it off, but if my wife came home with hair like that…”

7. “Never cut your hair again. You’re so cute, I hate you!”

8. (Two women discussing it) “That is a fierce haircut!” “*bemused chuckle* Really? It’s just so cute…” “Nope, it’s powerful!”

9. “Yes.”

10. “Does your husband like it?”

Because I am lucky or don’t go outside enough or something, yes, that list includes the only negative reactions I’ve gotten.  No trolls have shown up; no one has hollered at me or made snide comments.  I’m not actively trying to rattle the patriarchy, but I’m enjoying doing this tiny thing to perplex it.  Overall A++, would cut hair off again.

(And yes, he likes it.)


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Reactions to My Pixie Cut

  1. Go you!! You look great! A friend of mine who has similar features to yours also went pixie about a year ago, and I don’t think she’ll ever go back. She loves it. 🙂

  2. People are funny! I got all kinds of reactions when I first buzzed my hair–mostly on the surprised/positive side. Anybody who hated it kept their mouths shut! (P.S. You look terrific.)

    • Hooray for negative-nancies being quiet! Surprised/positive is definitely a good way to describe it. The “what does your husband think” comments are a little weird/funny. What other haircut/style choice prompts a question like that? (Thanks!)

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