Links Lundi

You’ve probably seen the “Africanized” cover of “Let It Go,” but I really enjoyed Alex Boye’s cover of “Royals:”

The upcoming “Star Wars Rebels” has introduced its first female character! I cringe whenever a female character is described as “feisty,” but I like that she’s artsy and a demolitions expert.

Snark sells and it is hard to resist…But what is gained in the long run? A culture that continues to judge women on their appearances and fashion choices above all else.

This is your weekly reminder that it’s all kinds of stupid to exclude female characters from video games.

Female: Now, imagine if the 20 women in the world also bought your game.

Publisher: Women aren’t interested in games. And that’s why we make games that omit women altogetherrrrrrrrrrr oh my god I’ve just heard the words coming out of my own mouth.

Why black actors only get cast in stereotypical roles.  This issue crossed my mind while watching “Ender’s Game” recently – it had several POC characters and transformed Major Anderson from an unspecified male to a black woman, but what if Ender had been played by, say, Jaden Smith?

Can you imagine the cosplay possibilities with these leather armor corsets? Sif, Wonder Woman, Merida, Cersei, Galadriel…now I just need a kajillion dollars.


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