I’m entering week three of partial self-employment. I say “partial” because technically my pastor is my boss now (yikes), but the responsibility of setting and keeping to a schedule, meeting goals, and generally being productive is all on me. I’ve completed and submitted one short story, started an article and proposal, and consumed a lot of tea. I will probably continue to post sporadically, but not because of tendonitis – because I’m going to try to start selling some of the things I would ordinarily post here for free.

The article, for example, is about a revelation I had recently regarding my own feminism. I read a particular article and immediately started a new blog post to respond – only to realize hey, somebody might buy this. It’s worth a try, at least.

I thought about starting a new blog, in line with the things that I want to focus on now, but this one has already been through so many evolutions – anecdotal, travelogue, body-image, geek central – that another season of change probably won’t hurt it.

I even thought about going back and hiding some of the early posts, either because they are embarrassing, irrelevant, or some combination of both. I think – for now, at least – I’ll leave everything the way it is. For one thing, I ain’t got time to go through those archives. For another, they represent who I was and where I’ve come from.

I was embarrassed for way too long about some aspects of myself in high school – as if anyone in high school has everything figured out and looks back with pride at everything they did and said in those years. Right. I’m not going to be embarrassed of 14-year-old Laura anymore, and I’m not going to hide the things 21-year-old Laura said in an attempt to make Current Laura look smarter.

(PS, this blog is five years old now. Yikes.)

And I don’t want to limit the scope of this blog anymore than it already is because I don’t want to lose the opportunity to share something incredible or noteworthy that happens to fall outside the lines I might draw. I want to feel free to blog about Wonder Woman and Doctor Who and cosplay along with Jesus and human rights and feminism.

So thank you for sticking with me for five-ish years, and I hope to see you here for many more.


3 thoughts on “Restarting

  1. I hear you on old blog posts. When I started up my blog, I first collected all of my of my posts and whatnot from every corner of the internet. The goal was to have something of a journal of what I’d been up to, but the further I went back, the more embarrassing and regrettable my thoughts seemed.

    Best of luck with getting published–you’re more than capable. Let me know if you ever need any reviewing or editing!

    • I think I still have a LiveJournal somewhere…talk about embarrassing and regrettable. Hopefully it’ll just disappear after a period of inactivity. Fingers crossed.

      Thank you, and I probably will! Your comments on my last story were really helpful!

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