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Remember Texts From Jane Eyre? Now it’s a book!

There was going to be a YouTube show, GAME_JAM, in which prominent indie game developers created a game, from concept to completion, in a matter of days (a “game jam”). It would have brought the indie game community into the spotlight and showcased some incredible talent. Instead, it went down in a flaming mess of bad sponsors, terrible contracts, and worse sexism on the first day of shooting:

It went on down the line. Is Zoe off her game? Are women coders a disadvantage to their groups? Point by point, the questions were shot down, until he reached Adriel’s team and asked if they were at any sort of advantage by having a pretty girl with them…Adriel built shit that flies around in space. It’s probably flying around in space right now.

(That story is extremely comprehensive; this one is a little easier to follow if you, like me, had never even heard of a game jam before today but still want to know what stupid things are being done in the gaming industry.) While it’s disappointing that all of this talent went into production expecting a chance to collaborate, and what that particular director and the reality TV drama machine as a whole did to it is inexcusable, it’s inspiring and encouraging that all 16 participants chose to walk out of the project.

“We found evidence that films that feature meaningful interactions between women may in fact have a better return on investment, overall, than films that don’t.”

I very much enjoyed this piece about “the Valley of Sucking.


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