Links Lundi

“Princesses Playing D&D” by madam-marla

The double standard of cosplay. Sigh.

I’m not familiar with Amy Schumer, but after she did this video satirizing sexual assault in the military, I think I should be. (Trigger warning.)

Greg Rucka saw an anti-fangirl t-shirt at a convention and had words about it. The most polite ones I can share are: “This fandom, that fandom, guess what? It doesn’t belong to you.

The Great List Of Things I Can’t Do Because I Only Have Daughters. I think my favorite is #8.


5 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. I feel bad for Snow White in that picture. I mean, 10 people in the party? And I’m pretty sure each of those players has a character with a deep and involved backstory. That, and a Perform: Sing skill of 10+.

    • Seriously, that would be a SLOW game. And I question Snow White as DM in the first place – seems like Belle would be better suited for it.

      And I bet their Speak with Animals is off the charts.

  2. Also–you should watch the most recent episode of Cosmos! They focused this week on the great advances that women have brought to astronomy and science in general, and highlight the problematic sexual discrimination and prejudice they have faced in science even recently. They also talk about stars and hyper-novae, which is cool, too.

    They have the episodes up on ““; look for the latest one titled, “Sisters of the Sun.”

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