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23 untranslatable words, illustrated. “Tsundoku” could be this blog’s new name! See more by the artist here.

“Captain America’s” Agent Carter gets her own TV series! Yeah! This had been teased for a while, but I’m very happy to see it happening. I couldn’t get myself interested in “Agents of SHIELD,” but there’s a lot of narrative and period-piece fun to be had with Carter’s story.

5 Kick-Ass Women in the Game Industry.

A lot of things were wrong with the cover of Teen Titans #1 (particularly an oversexualized depiction of a teenage girl), and Janelle Asselin points them out in this review. Naturally, the people who disagreed with her sent her rape threats. As a result, the hosting page, Comic Book Resources, laid down the law:

If you’re one of the people who participated in any of these reprehensible acts, my message is simple: You are not welcome anywhere on CBR, and in our opinion, you have no place in the comics industry. (Jonah Weiland)

Much as I would love to end that with a mic drop…will it really take nothing less than the intervention of another man in order to stem the flow of misogynist behavior?  Is the unceasing outcry of thousands of women worth that little?

Meanwhile, in gaming, one of those incidents finally ended (?) well!

“On the greater subject of women in the Star Citizen universe, the answer is that yes we should go out of our way to create a safe space for them. Women online, and especially women in gaming, have it very, very tough in ways that men absolutely do not understand. This isn’t an argument for the community to have, it’s a fact.”

wonder woman smash


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