Links Lundi

We Need Diverse Books promotes, well, diversity in YA. It recommends books that feature LGBTQ characters, non-white characters, etc, in hopes of helping all young readers see themselves in a book’s pages.

Check out the Kickstarter for Ctrl+Alt+Clothe, a nerd-inspired women’s fashion line!

“The Wil Wheaton Project” is kind of “The Soup” for sci-fi/horror/geek culture, and it’s on SyFy and Hulu now, and if you like sci-fi or horror or geek culture or Wil Wheaton, you should probably check it out. From the premiere: “We here at The Wil Wheaton Project do solemnly swear to put funky 70s porn music under as many clips as possible from now until the heat death of the universe.”

This addresses exactly why it’s so bad for Ubisoft to ignore women’s contributions to the French Revolution.

GQ says Olivia Wilde is too hot to play a writer; she responds impeccably. And GQ apologized, so well done, everyone.


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