Links Lundi

Tabletop roleplayers will probably appreciate #diceshaming, in the tradition of dog-shaming.

A look at the exo-suits used in “Edge of Tomorrow,” which weigh 135 pounds in some cases! It gives a glimpse into the character development of Emily Blunt’s war hero Rita, aka the Angel of Verdun.

A mom writes about finding a photo her kids secretly took of her: “Who took this hideous picture of me?!

A 17-year-old girl cosplaying at San Diego Comic-Con was discovered unconscious early last Sunday morning. Ultimately, the investigation ruled her injuries to be the result of a fall, but given past incidents, it’s not a surprise that everyone’s minds jumped to sexual assault. The girl is recovering, and while I’m relieved this girl wasn’t attacked, I don’t want to see this incident swept under the rug.  Sexual harassment is a problem at cons. If there’s a con in your area, check its website to see if it has a sexual harassment policy (like Geek Girl Con‘s or Emerald City‘s). If not, write to them! Help make cons a safe space for everyone. (More resources can be found at Geeks For Consent.)


6 thoughts on “Links Lundi

      • It’s the Granite State Comic Con. Sadly (for me), most of the celebrity guests are minor players in Game of Thrones, which I gave up on watching. I liked the actors, but it was too big and sprawling to be fun to watch (for me). I have read the books, though.

        There’s a local improv group that does nerd improv, though, and I really want to see them. “Local” is an hour away, normally, and they perform on Sunday nights, so I’ve never gotten out there. This is a chance to see them almost at home.

        • That sounds like fun! At PAX last year we got to go to a panel that did funny voiceovers for videogame cutscenes and it was one of my favorite parts of the whole convention.

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