Links Lundi

“I feel like there’s this weird thing happening where people think women just showed up [in comics], like we haven’t been here the whole time.” Check out this interview with Wonder Woman writer/artist duo Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert, and check out their comic too!

4 ways to honor Native Americans without appropriating their culture.

A sociology student set up five different online dating profiles for herself, all depicting her dressed in a different alternative style.  She gets some…interesting responses.

Obviously the current “Star Trek” movies aren’t doing well with the Bechdel Test, but how to the series stack up?

Margaret Atwood is writing a new book…which no one will get to read for 100 years because it’s the first work to be chosen for the Future Library.


4 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Books that I can’t ever read (because I should not be around anymore in 100 years) are SO POINTLESS. Why can’t authors I don’t like write books I can never read?

    I’ve got the dating profile ones bookmarked to read tomorrow, after my super-long day. It looks fun.

      • Oh, I do like the idea. But I have to oppose the practice. It’s not like I get to take all of my favorite books away with me when I leave the world (unless I get to “leave the world” on a spaceship. Then maybe.) So they will still be here in 100 years assuming the next generations don’t do anything colossally stupid, right? Therefore, I want ALL the Margaret Atwood stories, and I promise to try to make sure they’re around in 100 years!

        Also, presumably we will not stop making writers. Maybe when future writers can start sending stories back in time to us, I’d consent to saving stories just for them. Maybe. Probably not, though. I’m selfish that way.

        • This is true. I support this notion of getting books sent back in time to us, and I imagine Game of Thrones readers would feel the same way. 😉

          I also can’t imagine being the writer and never knowing what readers will think of your piece!

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