Links Lundi

PSA: You should see “Interstellar.” If you did, here’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson to explain the ending. If you didn’t, don’t read that, and go see “Interstellar,” preferably in IMAX because holy wow it is beautiful.

What should your hipster business name be?

The house (estate? palace? small city?) that inspired both Mr. Darcy and Pemberley is for sale! If you have £7M (plus another 27M for renovations, and I imagine that much again for utilities), you too can live out your dream Jane Austen lifestyle.

“For my role I am presented with two options: woman and black. I am on stage tapping my feet. I am a number in a count. I am more tired than I am angry. I fill a void. I turn into the void. This is called being accepted.”

This Is How Fat I Am” is a new Tumblr collecting powerful, cathartic, honest body-image-boosting stories.


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