Links Lundi

NASA has put out a series of nostalgic travel posters for the planets discovered by the Kepler mission!

I may have already linked to Rejected Princesses, a collection of real and legendary women whose would make awesome Disney-princess-type movies, but it’s worth revisiting to read about women like the pharaoh Hatshepsut, explorer Hester Stanhope, and Soviet war widow Mariya Oktyabrskaya, who commissioned her own tank named “Fighting Girlfriend” so that she could avenge her husband and kill Nazis. Ooh, or one of my favorites, Nzinga Mbande, who ruled 17th-century Angola until she died at age 81, and all the while held off the Portuguese, who were trying their best to add the region to their empire. Awesome.

What songs are quintessentially American?

In case you missed it, my favorite joke from last night’s Golden Globes.


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