Links Lundi

Have some “West Wing” trivia! Can’t decide whether my favorite is the possibility of Sydney Poitier being the President, or Madeleine Albright shaming the producers into creating Nancy McNally.

Love those Girl Scout Samoas? Sad that the box only lasts a day or two? Solution: bake your own! The recipe make FOUR DOZEN COOKIES which should last at least three days.

I’ve been getting my nostalgia fix from these recaps of “X-Men: Evolution,” a show that eventually becomes good but starts really really terribly. Favorite quote so far: “Just in case you needed an illustration of how thoroughly spending your formative years with Charles Xavier will f*** you up, Cyclops immediately apologizes for having failed to stop Toad, having been irresponsible enough to get himself knocked out while attempting to defend a hapless peer from his insane guardian’s murder playground.”

A photon’s-eye view of travel at the speed of light.

For your bookmarks: an entire tumblr dedicated to gifs of people flipping tables. Like:


Which will come in handy a lot.

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