Links Lundi

I wish I was this metal at 14 (or ever):

Ordinary, non-supermodel women get the magazine cover Photoshop treatment: “It’s like someone else made a decision for me about what plastic surgery I should get and it’s way more intense than I could’ve ever imagined.”

Superheroes and pop culture characters get their portraits taken in the Flemish style. Catwoman is majestic.

Winnie Harlow, a model with vitiligo, will appear in two new fashion campaigns emphasizing “inclusiveness and positivity.” (Thanks for the tip, Katie!)

It took me so many years to understand that my body is beautiful. I had a lot of moments where I was close but it is really, really hard to hear the good when you are surrounded by so much shame. Even as a healthy adult, far away from the playground, my fatness is not okay with a lot of people.


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