8 Reasons Why “Mad Max: Fury Road” Is Even More Awesome Than You Thought

Oh what a movie! What a lovely movie!

I’ve seen “Fury Road” twice already and will happily watch it every week for the rest of my life. I even want to see it a third time, preferably in IMAX because this movie exists to blast your face off with explosive awesomeness. This is not a movie to be comfortable at. Your heart rate will reach dangerous levels, your eyes will hurt, and your ears will retreat in terror from the onslaught of colliding spiky cars, technicolor desert battles, nuclear hellfire dust storms, and Charlize Theron’s righteous fury.

None of this is exaggeration, because this is “Mad Max” and it is not possible to exaggerate anything.

So here are a few reasons why “Mad Max: Fury Road” is one of my all-time favorite movies, and why you should see it immediately:

1. In a somewhat surprising twist in an action movie starring sex slaves, Furiosa and the wives are not sexualized (beyond a brief introductory scene where it does make sense) and Furiosa is essentially the main character. This led to some whining about boycotting from boys who can’t share, but it also led to the creation of Feminist Mad Max:

2. Since there’s nothing much to do while filming in Namibia, Theron taught Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult how to knit. I really need someone to draw me a sketch of Mad Max failing at knitting, while Nux knits gun cozies with hearts on them.

3. There’s a flamethrowing battle guitar.

4. Tom Hardy didn’t think it was a big deal to share his movie with a bunch of women, hence #1.

5. That chrome paint the War Boys spray over their mouths before they die historic on the Fury Road? It’s real, and edible.

6. And Mad Max fans proceeded to leave reviews on its Amazon page:

7. 80% of the stunts actually physically happened! With dozens of vehicles, who knows how many stuntmen, and some truly insane fight sequences shot in the middle of a desert, this is incredibly impressive – especially to me, a millennial who came of age on green screen filming.


Have you seen “Fury Road?” What did you think?


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