Links Lundi

Kelly Sue DeConnick may be leaving “Captain Marvel,” but an amazing team is taking over: the “Agent Carter” showrunners and one of my favorite comics artists, Kris Anka! I’m digging his redesign, especially the return of the fauxhawk. (Less thrilled that this will be the third “Captain Marvel #1” in four years, but that’s comics for you. Mostly I’m relieved she’s sticking around after Secret Wars!)

In other women-of-Marvel news, Disney has a super-limited-edition t-shirt (available until tomorrow) on sale, presumably in response to the repeated pleas for more superheroine merch. But I kinda feel like this is just set up to fail: if it sells well, Disney will be able to get by with making a t-shirt or two and calling it good, and if it doesn’t sell, they can claim women don’t want to buy superhero stuff after all.

So there’s going to be a Harry Potter play written by JK Rowling, and it’s about Harry’s “early years!” Accio this play to the Pacific Northwest!

“There is a centuries-old notion that white men must defend, with lethal violence at times, the sexual purity of white women from allegedly predatory black men. And, as we saw yet again after this shooting, it is not merely a relic of America’s hideous racial past. American racism is always gendered; racism and sexism are mutually dependent, and cannot be unstitched.” A challenging but important article about the large, uncomfortable reasons behind the Charleston shooting.


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