#WhyIMarch, In No Particular Order

I am marching tomorrow.

I am marching for more than I am marching against. I am marching against hatred and apathy; I am marching for equality, for well-being, for justice, for love, for the forgotten, for the unwanted, for the ignored, for myself.

I am marching because they still aren’t listening. I am marching because so many have spent so long pleading for recognition, for freedom, for their lives, and been told to wait until it’s more convenient. It is never convenient. Instead, it gets more dangerous.

I am marching because we are each the breathed-in beloved creations of God and staying silent in the face of bigotry and hatred is acquiescing to it.

I am marching because, of the white women who voted, 53% of them voted for T*ump. The absolute least I can do, after that, is march.

I am marching because my country’s incoming government keeps coming up with new and astounding ways to give power to the unqualified and to belittle, endanger, or discredit its citizens. I am marching for free speech, for a free press. I am marching to dismantle racist socioeconomic systems. I am marching for the humanity of every body. I am marching because we must be more active if we’re to get through this, and to prevent it happening again. We must pay more attention.

(I am marching because there are thousands of Americans who have been active, who have paid attention, and we failed them when it counted most. These marches follow in their footsteps, and we’d do well to respect the work they’ve done.)

I am marching for those who can’t, either because they physically can’t, they live too far from a march, or because they’re afraid for their safety or their children’s safety.

I am marching because walking a couple miles is the least I can do. And it’s the least I will do: I will listen and I will act. I will call and write and call and write and vote.

But first, I will march. I hope you’ll be there, too.


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