Anchoring Andromeda

Our stars are gone. These constellations feature cryptic mythologies, strange heroes, beasts whose silicon fossils disturb our archaeologists. We located the Milky Way – a distant glimmer – but I kept searching.

There, above the rose-gold aurora: a golden pinpoint, our new North Star.



6 thoughts on “Anchoring Andromeda

    • Sci fi whenever possible! I did learn that you can’t see any stars from the moon unless you go around to the dark side – I always thought that would be unnerving, to be “in space” and not be able to see it.

  1. I love this view of the galaxy from another perspective – the idea that there are new mythologies to be found in new places. And the new North Star – lovely.

  2. I just love your sci-fi every time you write it. I suspect it would be rather terrifying being out in space. To see all that openness with no ground in sight.

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