Lay out the bowls –
the largest fits cupped in your palm –
smallest to largest,
a bit like planets.
Place a very large bowl
at the end.
Pour in the flour, scooping and leveling
so as
not to
compress it.
Fill the others with
baking soda, cocoa,
sugar, baking powder.
Let the gravity of the largest
draw them, one by one,
glucose and alkalinity
and calcium and magnesium
and carbon dioxide
all activating
like primordial life when you
Add salt: a sprinkle
of minuscule asteroids
cratering the powder.
A second bowl, not as large.
Combine eggs, oil, and milk.
In the first bowl, make a well
and then there is water,
and it is good.
Pour into pans and
Breathe in the fragrance.
Creation takes time.
Allow it to cool.

(inspired by these ancient poem-recipes)


6 thoughts on “Creation

  1. I love how you’ve made the recipe sound like something as careful as a surgery. The imagery and the manner in which he lines have been broken are beautifully done!

  2. I was all set to congratulate you on the brilliance of a poem/recipe and then I clicked the link. The biblical allusion rang like a bell; I love that the narrator could be construed as God. I’m not sure about “so as/not to” being set apart on their own lines. Felt like the poem was lingering in a less interesting moment.

    • It’s definitely not something I would have thought of on my own! Food in poetry, sure, but not recipes as poetry. I got hung up on that spot too when I re-read it this morning – I was trying to accentuate the paced-out scooping of the flour but I think it just ended up jolting the reader out of the flow.

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