The Possibilities of Stars

When I most need light, it’s a night sky that comforts me. Look up: see that matrix of stars, the spaces between? Empty or burning, there’s purpose – and therefore possibility. One more candle of hope kindles whenever I look up.


14 thoughts on “The Possibilities of Stars

  1. It’s so true; the night sky is reassuring. Reminds us of how small we are. I thought this could have been cleaned up a little, like “it’s the night sky that comforts me” could be “the night sky comforts me” without losing meaning.

  2. Aww beautiful! It’s so true. You’re looking up and millions of years of existence. Of course, some may have died out already but where they are gone, millions still remain. Lovely sentiments!

  3. My “bonus grandpa” was an engineer at NASA – when all the really cool stuff was happening. So I’ve always equated the stars and space with wonder and possibilities. This piece gave words to what I see when I look in the sky.

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