Sole Secrets

The queen caught her eldest with her arms laden with slippers.

“Why so many shoes?”

“Ours are worn out.”

“Again? How?” Yet how many shoes had she worn out, at her daughter’s age?

“Don’t tell Father?”

Torch-lit stairs; silver leaves glittering on the lake’s surface; sweet princes smiling.


unsplash-logoAhmad Odeh


11 thoughts on “Sole Secrets

  1. This was literally one of my favorite fairy tales when I was a kid. Especially since you spent the entire thing expecting the prince to take the youngest like in every other story and then he was like “nah I want the one with agency kthx”

  2. This is one of my most favourite fairy tales, and I love your retelling even more! Hooray for girls who know how to have a good time, and hooray for the relationship between the queen and her daughters. The inter-generational secret was a wonderful way to modernise this tale.

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