Hello and welcome to Ruby Bastille!  My name is Laura and I’m a writer, reader, wife, office girl, Christian, cat owner, geek, gamer, cautious fashionista, tea drinker, and several other things as well.  I live near Portland, Oregon, where it rains about as much as they say it does, and where coffee and beards are even more common than they say they are.

I believe in positivity, encouragement, and affirmation.  I believe there can never be too many women speaking up for diversity, self-worth, and a wider definition of beauty.

I also really love talking about books and my favorite geek topics, so there’ll be a lot of that, too.

You can follow me @RubyBastille or shoot me an email at rubybastille@gmail.com.  I love hearing from you! Reader feedback is what nourishes writers.  We are word zombies, and your feedback is brains.  Delicious, delicious brains.