Hello and welcome to Ruby Bastille!  My name is Laura and I’m a writer, reader, wife, feminist, Christian, geek, gamer, tea drinker, and several other things as well. I live near Portland, Oregon, where it rains about as much as they say it does, and where coffee and beards are even more common than they say they are.

A lot has happened within this blog. Currently it’s a fiction exercise, though it may contain, from time to time, rants or giddy raves about Star Wars, geek culture, feminism, and books.

You can follow me @RubyBastille or shoot me an email at rubybastille@gmail.com.

Hey I’m Published!

“The Analytical Engine of Hester Watts, Grand Mistress of the Unseen,” Gallery of Curiosities (both podcast and print)

“Unit Two Does Her Makeup,” Escape Pod Ep. 582

“The Black Tide,” Shoreline of Infinity Issue 8

“The Moon Dust,” Candlesticks & Daggers: An Anthology of Mixed-Genre Mysteries

“Grimalkin & Hound,” Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2017

“A Vampire in the Garden,” Fitting In: Historical Accounts of Paranormal Subcultures

“The Redemption of Lin Bai,” 2015 Kraken Award finalist, The Devilfish Review