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Spring weather approaches (at least in this part of the country), and with it, the first stirrings of clothing-related modesty lectures aimed at women. As usual, I have strong opinions about this issue, but I really like what this article had to say about it: “You might see some cleavage and have a sexual thought. You might also see a woman tying her shoe and have a sexual thought…That battle happens within your mind and it is your responsibility.”

A new mom’s anxiety over baby clothes teaches larger lessons: “Femininity is not less than masculinity. It is a different kind of strength, but it is powerful and wonderful and deserves our respect.

How often does modern Doctor Who pass the Bechdel Test? (A note on the Bechdel Test. Passing doesn’t necessarily mean a movie is a good representation of women – it only means the creators took the time to come up with more than one female character and put them in a conversation together. Which shouldn’t be difficult, and yet alarmingly few movies pass. Conversely, a movie can have multiple well-written female characters, but if they never talk to each other, that movie will fail the test – like Avengers, or How To Train Your Dragon 2 [see my thoughts below].)

A new anthology uses science fiction to reimagine justice. It never even occurred to me to wonder what we could do besides prisons, so I’m looking forward to reading this.

We finally saw “How To Train Your Dragon 2” and since I’d already read this article, I was prepared to be disappointed by the character of Hiccup’s mother. I do believe Valka was grossly neglected for the movie’s final act, but I agree more with this article in that overall, HTTYD2 does an awesome job challenging gender-based tropes. What do you think?


Links Lundi

“I feel like there’s this weird thing happening where people think women just showed up [in comics], like we haven’t been here the whole time.” Check out this interview with Wonder Woman writer/artist duo Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert, and check out their comic too!

4 ways to honor Native Americans without appropriating their culture.

A sociology student set up five different online dating profiles for herself, all depicting her dressed in a different alternative style.  She gets some…interesting responses.

Obviously the current “Star Trek” movies aren’t doing well with the Bechdel Test, but how to the series stack up?

Margaret Atwood is writing a new book…which no one will get to read for 100 years because it’s the first work to be chosen for the Future Library.

Links Lundi

Male characters rarely fit in the “strong character” box, so why do we consider it the highest honor for a female character to be considered “strong?”

Speaking of strong characters: “Pacific Rim” inspired a new Bechdel Test, dubbed the Mako Mori Test.  It works if the movie has:

a) at least one female character;
b) who gets her own narrative arc;
c) that is not about supporting a man’s story.

It’s interesting to think about which movies would pass this test, but fail the Bechdel, and vice versa.  The movie mentions “Avengers” for Black Widow’s storyline; I’d also add “The Wolverine,” because even though Mariko needs to get rescued every other scene, most of the story concerns her taking on her grandfather’s company, and I’d say she drives the plot more than Wolverine does.

I love this for so many reasons: Art is useless, so let’s put it everywhere.

Ashton Kutcher gives surprisingly good advice, makes me eat my words since I’ve never been a fan of his.

Nadine shares her story of going back to her natural hair and how it influenced her perception of her own beauty.

Also from Already Pretty, reverse photoshopping makes unhealthy thinness look better. Yikes.

In honor of PAX next week: There’s no sexism in gaming. “To anyone getting their boxers in a bunch over this, I say: buy the games with the male protagonists. There are at least four of them.”

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