Finch Forgives

“Hello, Finch! It’s Jay!”

“Why are you here, Jay?”

“Can’t an old friend drop by? I just wanted to see your nest!”

“Last time – and the time before that – you stole all my food.”

“Yes, but you forgive me, right?”

“You’re forgiven – but you may not come near my nest again.”

Forgiveness doesn’t require reconciliation.

unsplash-logoVittorio Zamboni


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“The key to reducing that sense of shame for the 20 percent of people who face a mental health issue every year is to make various mental health concerns better understood and less scary. Our pop culture can go a long way towards that goal.

“Why is it that when women of colour share their pain with you, you can’t help but make it about yourselves?”

“Violence against women by men is the crime that is most condoned.” You probably saw Emma Watson’s speech at the UN launching new equality initiative HeForShe, but UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka followed up with a statistics-laden speech that also deserves attention.