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Looking for new reading this holiday? Here are 19 sci-fi and fantasy books by women of color to check out!

My two favorite videos this season: all my favorite Muppets attempting Carol of the Bells and the Avengers singing a Christmas medley!

“Tolkien refers to Quendi people as “elves,” a common term in his time, but considered highly offensive today. And while Tolkien was a great scholar of the Quenya and Sindarin languages, his command of Late Vulgar Adûni was rudimentary at best, and his translation of the Red Book suffers for it.” If you’re a Tolkien fan, an academic, or just enjoy a good humor piece, check this one out.

“Read and read and read, and wait for the dawning realization that these books don’t have happy endings.  That sometimes they don’t even resolve.  And realize what that means, why that is.”  (emphasis original) An excellent piece about how white Americans, particularly in the church, can best respond to current racial issues: by listening. There’s an amazing list of resources at the end.

The Lumberjanes’ Favorite Feminists: Part 2 (Issues #5-8)

Last week, we embarked on a magical journey through women’s history of awesomeness, courtesy of the Lumberjanes comic. This week, we’ll go through the rest of the series and get the scoop on the singing, educating, healing, mountain-climbing, world-shaking women name-dropped by the Lumberjanes!

yes, those are raptors. you really do need to read this comic.

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Links Lundi

“Don’t play in the park with toy guns and maybe they won’t kill you.” Writer Ijeoma Oluo compiled a powerful list of 25 incidents in which black Americans were killed by the police, none of which involve committing a crime.

Check out “Never Alone,” a beautiful puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the Iñupiat, a Native Alaskan people, to showcase their stories and culture.

We might get another season of “Cosmos!” The first is on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet. The episode “Sisters of the Sun” explores the huge but often hidden contributions of women to science.

The Lumberjanes’ Favorite Feminists: Part 1 (Issues #1-4)

The comic book Lumberjanes has wrapped up its first story arc! If you haven’t been reading this hilarious, fresh, genuine comic, and you like stories about hardcore lady types celebrating friendship to the max and fighting three-eyed foxes, moving statues, sassy yetis, and other stuff, get your butt to the nearest comic store and see if there are any left!

One of the ongoing jokes in the series is that instead of swearing, the girls swap in names of famous feminists, as in, “what the Joan Jett?” As I read the series, I realized that I knew fewer than half of the women mentioned. Which was concerning.

So here you go: my handy guide to the Lumberjanes’ favorite feminists!

Joan Jett is the rock ‘n roll goddess most famous for “Bad Reputation” and “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.” She pretty much refused to follow societal rules for girls, and she’s been rocking hard since 1975, both in her trailblazing group The Runaways and as a solo performer. In the 90s, she produced for the band Bikini Kill and is credited with inspiring the Riot Grrl movement. About the challenges of being a woman in the industry: “For some reason people are afraid of powerful women.  I don’t really get it.” Continue reading

Links Lundi

PSA: You should see “Interstellar.” If you did, here’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson to explain the ending. If you didn’t, don’t read that, and go see “Interstellar,” preferably in IMAX because holy wow it is beautiful.

What should your hipster business name be?

The house (estate? palace? small city?) that inspired both Mr. Darcy and Pemberley is for sale! If you have £7M (plus another 27M for renovations, and I imagine that much again for utilities), you too can live out your dream Jane Austen lifestyle.

“For my role I am presented with two options: woman and black. I am on stage tapping my feet. I am a number in a count. I am more tired than I am angry. I fill a void. I turn into the void. This is called being accepted.”

This Is How Fat I Am” is a new Tumblr collecting powerful, cathartic, honest body-image-boosting stories.